Faithful authentic reproductions of old Irish road signs that every Irish person remembers can be yours to own today!

These signs are traditional original style replicas and are hand-made from wood in Donegal and can be completely personalised.


You can personalise your Road Signs of Ireland to make a great addition to your home or a perfect gift for friends or family abroad.

For Placename Signs we can calculate the exact mileage from your town to the place in Ireland if you wish,so you will always know that no matter how many miles separate us, you are never far from Irish soil!

Alternatively, you can print any wording on the sign for a special occasion from birthdays to anniversaries and make for a perfect and unique gift idea.

Gift Idea

Whether you have a family member overseas or are living abroad yourself, these signs make the ideal gift for anyone with a love for the Emerald Isle.

Bring a little bit of Ireland into your life.

In fact,  the only limitation is your imagination!

Examples of Irish Road Signs